An Esteemed Diaspora Cultural Collective of artists and art & culture enthusiasts seeking to promote, showcase and celebrate African Creativity and International Black Excellence through curated events focused on film and literature. 

AFRƎEculture is collaborating with the Cannes Can: Diversity Collective on the creation of a new mentorship, to which we will donate our charitable contributions. The Cannes Can: Diversity Collective (CC:DC) is a non-profit organization established in 2017 to provide access and opportunities for young people of color and underrepresented communities to attend the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France. Selected scholars of the program can participate in one of the following academies: Creative, Media, Marketing or CC:DC’s Ambassadors program. 


Alternative Nobel Prize winner Maryse Condé honored the AFRƎE culture Council with a specially written text to inspire and encourage our mission:

“Only art and culture can keep death in check. In this day and age, this essential truth seems to be forgotten. In the world we live in, anxieties and fears have grown darker. More and more, people fear people because of the color of their skin, their religion, or the language they speak. They have forgotten that difference gives the universe its flavor. What would it be like, if we were all born of the same womb, a bland broth, repugnant to all tastes. However, despite this corridor of darkness, we must keep hope. We must keep faith. One day our sister-in-common, the sun, will reappear. It will shine its light and spread its heat on all those who have continued to exercise their creativity, those who have put their minds to work, and all around the world. Yes, tomorrow the world will be beautiful, the earth will be round, just as its creators had dreamed.” 

- Maryse Condé


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